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Our Story

Kalimba Variety has focused on top quality Musical instrument since 2019 in Asia. We are a global online retailer for kalimbas including the accessories. Each of our handmade kalimba is uniquely designed by individual artist. 

It is our wish to raise the popularity of kalimba as we believe this incredible little instrument would bring the world a lot of fun. I and every member in my team do expect those, who step into the world of Kalimba and fall in love with it, could acquire valued information and knowledge about kalimba, purchase kalimbas on personal preference among bulks of options at affordable prices, enjoy the moments playing the kalimba. Every kalimba lover deserves all those aforementioned.


We Focus on Quality 

We always guarantee that the high-quality standards are met. Clients safety and satisfactions are the basis for our long-term business development. We also stand behind our customer with fast reacted after-sales supports.